Battery Chargers

These are the best chargers on the market for recharging lithium and other batteries. Many of our chargers feature additional features like USB power banking, displays, reconditioning and charge optimization.

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  • Xtar MC1 Charger

    Xtar mc1 charger is super compact for easy travel charging

  • xtar-vc2-charger-4_1024x1024

    Xtar vc2 charger lithium-ion battery charger

  • XTAR VC4 Charger Lithium-ion Battery Charger

    Xtar vc4 charger lithium-ion battery charger

  • 12W AC Charging Adapter for the GX25L2

    Eagletac 12w ac charging adapter for the gx25l2

  • Xtar XP4 Charger

    Xtar xp4 charger plus 4 of the samsung 18650 batteries

  • XTAR WP2 II Charger

    Xtar wp2 ii charger

  • XTAR MP1S Charger

    Xtar mp1s charger including car charger

  • DC Charger

    Eagletac gx sx mx dc charger

  • XTAR XP1 Charger

    Xtar xp1 charger the smallest compatible charger

  • XTAR VP2 Charger

    Xtar vp2 charger professional lithium-ion charger usb

  • XTAR SP2 Charger

    Xtar sp2 charger is the follow-up product of the wp2ii

  • XTAR MP2 Charger

    Xtar mp2 charger

  • 20150917065313199

    Klarus c8 charger lithium-ion – ni-mh/ni-cd battery charger


    Xtar mc0 charger

  • XTAR WP6 II Charger

    Xtar wp6 ii charger